Only a laser aim will lead to profit for the new extensions

by aussiedomainer on February 5, 2014

I’ve wrote a few posts over the last year or so talking about why buying into the new extensions are a bad idea. I’ve said that I think there are profits to be made there but it’s just a harder version of making profit in .com.

If you are going to attempt to buy some of the new extensions, a laser aim is required. Buying up a whole stack of names with little discrimination is an almost guaranteed recipe for losing money. This would happen if you fell for the advertising and believed that every pick was a winner- that it’s going to be ‘hot new property’ that will take off. You’re much better off simply investing all that money into one or two quality .coms.

But if you want to speculate on the new extensions, pick specific names that are useful and have a catchy URL.

One example I’ve mentioned is “”. If you turn that into a website or an app, it’s instantly catchy and an attractive name in my opinion. Other options would be stuff like which is even more catchy.

I imagine domains like those will sell for high amounts in time. Sadly, many will jump on the bandwagon and buy names that just don’t “work” like the two I mentioned above do. It’s tempting to get swept up in the new craze and go “all in” for it, but that would be a mistake in this case.

Some of the extensions are harder than others. Like .jeweller for example. And what about .uno? The only good use for it, in my opinion, is if you name was Bruno and you bought lol. But even in that case, good luck getting your family members to correctly type in the address.

If you have a good eye for opportunity, you might be able to navigate through the duds to find the gems. If not, you’re gonna get stuck with some useless clutter in your domain account that potentially cost you a fair but of money.

If does end up going to auction, someone send me a link!




Aussie Domainer’s Latest Flippa Experiment

by aussiedomainer on January 28, 2014

I’m always experimenting with ways to make money online. I’m always game to try a new idea.

So far, I’ve tried making sites and selling them on Flippa, selling on the warrior forum, doing services on Fiverr and running a web design site.

They were mostly successful except warrior forum where I didn’t get any sales.

One thing I noticed was that on Flippa I’ve generally been profitable other than a few dry periods where not much was selling.

Usually on Flippa I would create  site and list it and I would only sell one or two sites at a time.

I’ve decided to try something different now: I’ve listed about 7 sites at once.


The idea came while I was at work and I realized that in order to his business, my boss needs to buy a lot of stock up front and out of pocket and just hope that the sales come through. I recognize that I have not been as willing to pay lots of money up from for a lot of listings, choosing rather to only do one or two at a time to save on listing fees.

This isn’t a great strategy: If you want to be success you will have to take some risks along the way. And I don’t think it’s a dumb risk to list all these sites at once- it will only take one of them to succeed in order to pay back all the listing fees.

I’ve spent a lot of time working on some of these sites, I have a whole range of websites up for sale.

The catalyst for trying to make some cash is that I’m moving to the US this year- can’t wait- but I’m trying to save up as much as possible beforehand so I’m selling as many of my domain names and sites that I can.

Here are some of the sites I’ve listed on Flippa:



Battle Day Online is an online FPS multiplayer game. You battle with your friends in the browser. I made this game because I know there’s people out there who would love to own their won First Person Shooter online multiplayer browser based game (What a mouthful!) as I was one of them when I was learning game design. Having a programmer create something like this for you can stretch into the thousands, so I’m hoping someone sees an opportunity here to own a cool and unique web property and bids for it.

Game Tutor is a great two word domain name- I have also created an app for it which runs in the browser and on ios. I thought this was potentially a pretty valuable domain name to the right person/company and so I developed it up, built the app and now I’ve listed it on Flippa. I battled someone in a bidding war to buy this name some time ago so I’m hoping there’s interest in it today.

You can see the full list of them here (You will have to log in to Flippa)- there is an image gallery, a search engine and more.



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